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K-ON! To Get Final Release in NA

and there is but only one viable K-ON! release it could be....

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D3acon4040d ago

That is awsome. I thought my dreams for.a complete series boxset was go e. Now the only fear is will it be released in blu ray if sales do well :-(

D3acon4040d ago

Just checked amazon. It has it listed as the first season. There are 4 discs 330 minutes that's about 13 episodes. I'm ocd about these things, is there going to be season 2?

OtakuStudy4040d ago

As must as I hate to say it, there is currently no word on the second season being released. But considering the popularity of the series both in Japan and internationally, I would say it is only a matter of time before we see it picked up by another company and the second season dubbed... or at least released with English subtitles for the time being (It is not all that uncommon for North American releases to get an English subbed release than dubbed)

D3acon4033d ago

I didn't think about it, but if another cokpany picks it up and dubbs it, they maybe an all new cast. Even worse they release season one and two in blu ray.