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Japanator - First Impressions: Amagami SS Plus

Japanator's Chris Walden writes, "Wait, hold on a second. Amagami SS already ended, didn't it? Well apparently they aren't done just yet, gifting us with a further twelve episodes about Junichi and his alternate universe relationships. Dear god, can we stumble into the Miya universe for a second?

Those of you that have seen the predecessor to this show will know that it was well and truly wrapped up, so without adding new ladies I couldn't really see where this show was going. It seems that these episodes, consisting of six two-parter stories, one per 'main' girl (man, this is getting complex already!), are set right after hooking up with Junichi, and before the glimpse at their future lives together. Ah whatever, Miya is the only girl that matters in this show."

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