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Hunter x Hunter longest continual run to date, “No hiatus any time soon,” says Togashi

This is Hunter x Hunter's longest continual run without a hiatus. Togashi confirms that there is no hiatus planned any time soon. Follow the link for more information.

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koga883544d ago

This is kinda ridiculous. It shouldn't be celebrated that the guy actually managed to finish more than twenty or so chapters without disappearing for another year. Even if he is mocking it then he himself should know how idiotic this has been for readers.

Just wait 'till a month or two from now when he'll go on hiatus for two years now after breaking his past record.

Baka-akaB3543d ago

It's not that not being late is being celebrated ... it's just that it's awesome news for fans of a rather awesome manga

Redempteur3543d ago

He was sick ... now that he has enough strenght for a regular release , everyone should be happy ... HxH the anime has a lot of content to cover and that's is again good news ( Hxh In HD ..oh yeah )

Qwerty913544d ago

I give it about a week before it goes on a 4 month hiatus.

futurefrog3544d ago

Don't give him any ideas!

trendor3544d ago

I heard so many rumours about the reasons for hiatuses. Like he had cancer or just wanted to play dragon quest 9 lol

trendor3544d ago

I think Togashi is finally getting back on his feet. Heres hoping he is true to his word of no more hiatuses.

badboy993544d ago

YES NO MORE HIATUS!! Havent bothered with this manga since chimera ant cause it went hiatus too much and was crap

futurefrog3544d ago

I liked Chimera Ants, didn't like the hiatuses though.