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Are Media Blasters Still Relevant?

Luke Halliday of Capsule Computers discusses whether or not Media Blasters still relevant. Follow the link to find out.

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TheColbertinator4035d ago

They aren't relevant so Japanese publishers won't trust them with their licenses.My suggestion for Media blasters is to pick up some bandai DVDs to distribute.

futurefrog4035d ago

Thats probably the safest bet for them right now.

koga884035d ago

The only recent relevancy they had was picking up Squid Girl, but from what I've heard they haven't exactly done a great job with it.

Plus, although some fans love the classics and I'm sure that the license wasn't very expensive, picking up an anime from so long ago really doesn't seem like the best way to make money.

futurefrog4035d ago

Madman in Australia are releasing Media Blasters version of Squid Girl a month before Media Blasters is!

masterabbott4035d ago

I suggest they just close up shop and quit while they're kinda ahead.

GillHarrison4035d ago

Squid Girl and Berserk are great properties, but they should lease new releases of older shows to Funimation.

Qwerty914035d ago

Somebody's gotta do the old stuff I guess. I'm sure there's a certain market for the stuff they release. It's probably just a really niche market with a small following.

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