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The Slayers Revolution-R Review [Capsule Computers]

The Slayers series has been around for quite some time but now FUNimation has combined the final two seasons, The Slayers Revolution and The Slayers Evolution-R in one package. But how has it turned out?

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Qwerty914038d ago

-The Slayers Revolution-R
- Code Geass R2
-Sailor Moon R
-Yu-gi-oh! R

Why do all these Anime have R in their names? Does anyone know? I'm really curious.

koga884037d ago

Well, for this one it seems its more of a fancier way to say the two seasons it contains rather than saying The Slayers Revolution + The Slayers Evolution-R, they just combined it to The Slayers Revolution-R for this bundle.

masterabbott4037d ago

Sounds like an interesting anime but im not going to waste my time on it.