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Death Note Anime REVIEW-[]

This is a unique show that brings a new meaning to the concept of “Death Gods”. Death Note would have to be the finest written non-action, non-romance anime/manga of our time, with a story that can easily get you hooked.

Although some of it changed from the original manga storyline, it managed to end disturbingly well, wrapping up everything with no lose ends.

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geniusgamerdoc4037d ago

One of the Finest Psychological Thriller anime ever made.

Samus HD4036d ago

or ... or we can better say One of the best anime ever made (though my top1)

shreeveera4037d ago

I totally Agree with you dude..

Kaiji and Death note are the best when it comes to Paranoia and Mindf*ck!!!

geniusgamerdoc4037d ago

Abslutely bro.

My Top 3 Psychological Thriller anime would be-

3) Monster
2) Code Geass
1) Death Note

ps4me4037d ago

I Watched the Whole 37 Episodes in just 2 Sittings.
Totally EPIC

NovusTerminus4037d ago

I liked the show, but the second half was much weaker.

Spoilers ahead!
But Light just seemed more careless and allot dumber in season 2. and Near didn't do anything, he picked up where the same case that had been worked by L, got the same conclusion, and managed to win due random chance and the fact that Light was dumbed down. In season 1 Light erased his memory and STILL got his plan off. In season 2, he was to stupid to bring his own paper.

Season 1 = 9.8
Season 2 = 5.0

CaptainMarvelQ84037d ago

No way he was dumbed down,he took all the precautions needed when facing N,but he had a lot of situations that were harder than when he was facing L,Not to discredit L,Near would have no clue if it hadn't been for L.But I'd say the main problem was Mikami, Near told Light that if he had not seen Naomi's name in the Death Note he wouldn't have noticed the fake pages.

Light's plan was perfect,Mikami failed.

Samus HD4036d ago

I would give the score
Season 1 = 10
Season 2 = 9.7

My only problem with season two are the characters.,
I only would like Near and Milo to be older, and Milo to have different style

Though @CaptainMarvelQ8 I agree with you, Light's plan was perfect, only mikami was careless and did the mistake, if it hadn't been for mikami Light would have succeeded

sfex3best4037d ago

Awesome anime.
I doubt another masterpiece like this will ever be written again.

geniusgamerdoc4037d ago

You are absolutely right my friend..

Is Obata working on anything now???

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