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Japanator - First Impressions: Thermae Romae

Japanator's Michelle Rodanes writes, "The storyline of Thermae Romae, the new seinen show inspired by the award-winning manga by Mari Yamazaki is based on one of the most over-used yet somehow still effective TV tropes of all time: cultural exchange via nearly-fatal injury. In the show, chronically uninspired 1st century architect Lucius Vitruvius Cordo finds himself accidentally crossing over to Japan following an accident in a roman bathhouse. After spending some time indulging in Japan's lush bathhouses, Lucius returns to his homeland with a brand new catalog of ideas."

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Cat2921d ago

"Perhaps one of the most fascinating themes explored by the story of Thermae Romae is that of the concept of cultural syncretism."

Nailed it.