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Bleach Manga on 3 Week Break, Kubo Offers Information and Interview

The man behind Bleach gives new info on the future of his manga and talks about the past too.

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tayz3782d ago

wow this is the most bleach news i ever seen. finally! im happy i dotn read the manga cuz 3 weeks is a big break. im on break with the anime and am gonna wait till this arc ends to watch it

Ryasha3779d ago

I'm think 3 weeks is a long time to wait for the manga but you will wait no less than 2 months before you watch the anime?
.....that doesn't make any sense.....

ShoryukenII3780d ago

Crap... I think I spoiled a bit of the anime for myself by reading this. I don't know if they go to Soul Society in this Fullbring arc so maybe I'll see what I read sooner than I think.

But this is big news and I was disappointed a first because it would mean more anime fillers but since he is researching for the next arc, then this is good. Can't wait to see what he makes next year because there will be a large pile of fillers to watch after this Fullbring arc.