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REDLINE Anime Movie Review []

The story mainly revolves around the illegal car racing known as redline.
The racers at redline are one of those that risk their lives for the sake of racing. They also race using cars with wheels rather than the well-developed anti gravity system the people have developed as the story takes place in a far distant future wherein planets, galaxies and nebulas are interrelated.

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geniusgamerdoc4036d ago

One of the Better Anime movies I've watched i recent years.

Superb Animation and Sharp Artwork really deserve a great review.

shreeveera4036d ago

I Love this ANIME very much.

Can somebody recommend me similar Anime with fantastic Artwork???

geniusgamerdoc4036d ago

Hope its adapted into a Tv series.

Tratious4036d ago

Don't hope, it sold like crap in Japan,and the box office intake wasn't that good either.

ps4me4036d ago

My favourite Anime ive watched this year.

yaz2884036d ago

WOOW just WOOOOOOOO!!!! the animations of this movie are mind blowing! I really loved everything about this movie

I was surprised that it taken 7 years to make this, hope to see a sequel or something