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kimi ni todoke -From Me to You- Volume 1 Premium Edition Review [Capsule Computers]

NIS America has released their premium edition of the first volume of kimi ni todoke -From Me to You-. Does this romance anime have the spark it needs to catch fire?

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LinkageAX4036d ago

Might have to pick this one up!!

Chevalier4036d ago

Nope. They do make a reference to Sadako from the Ring. The main character scares everyone because of her resemblance to her. Juon the grudge is done by the same person who made the ring so it's understandable your confused.

koga884035d ago

Guess that answers the question. Never seen the original Japanese versions of the shows however only the Western adaptations of both shows.

koga884035d ago

What? This is probably the most laid back type of anime (barring sight gags)that you could see.