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Anime Say! Episode 10 – The Piracy Problem

In this edition of Anime Say!, Luke Halliday discusses the problem with piracy in the anime industry.

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futurefrog4023d ago

I definitely agree, piracy has pretty much no affect anymore.

LinkageAX4023d ago

Piracy will always have an effect. But, honestly, as a medium that has its roots in piracy, the companies founded on the idea have no reason to complain.

Megaman_nerd4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

thanks to piracy is that anime is as popular as it is today outside of japan. 10 years ago the anime market outside of japan wasn't even viable until the fan subbers step up and now manga and other anime related merchandise are selling like crazy and this is something that no one can deny. Who would thought that piracy would even create a market for galge and eroge too? I mean, Japan should be very grateful because the anime culture is growing at an alarming rate around the world because of it. XD

The funny thing now is that anime publishers complain that piracy is ruining the market because they want to sell even more!

Deadpool6164022d ago

There's another side to that. Yes, piracy helped push anime where it is today, but later down the line anime publishers studios where hurt by it. So in the end piracy is like a double edged sword.

A.D.V., Pioneer/Geneon, Central Park Media, Tokyopop, U.S. Manga Corp. These anime companies are now defunct.

You can watch all the anime online that you want, just remember to support the remaining anime companies to keep anime strong.

futurefrog4022d ago

The ones that died out were the ones who did not understand how to combat piracy. The surviving companies are the ones that do know how.