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Interview: Thousand Pounds Action Company

Thousand Pounds Action Company is a team of talented actors, martial artists and stuntmen/stuntwomen. They’ve exploded unto the Internet with their “Real Life Steet fighter Ultra Combos” series, and kept up with the “Naruto Shipuuden: Dreamers Fight” and “Arkham City” videos.

Now they’re busy working on the second part of the Naruto fight (be at ease fans, it’s coming) as well as teaming up with Capcom for a short commercial film which will coincide with the release of “Street Fighter X Tekken” game.

They are also a group of the coolest “geeks” out there! First and foremost, they are fans who deliver fan service. Oh, and they can totally kick some ass.

Extrahype, recently had a chat about their work, inspirations, their and their plans for the future.

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