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Google makes a Miku song, now selling it worldwide

Josh Tolentino of Japanator writes:
The continuing encroachment of Vocaloids onto mainstream life is pleasing to me. Despite its admittedly small chance of actual success, watching extremely nerdy things (barring the creepy nerdy things, of course) try to enter the greater public consciousness is always refreshing.

Like, for example, with "Tell Your World", a new song composed by Vocaloid group livetune (who also composed "Star Story" and "Packaged") and used in a Japanese advertisment for Google's Chrome web browser. It's embedded below, and actually sounds quite good to me. The ad features, naturally, users mainly searching Vocaloid-related things, including all of Google Maps' markers being colored in Miku's trademark teal, with a brief cutaway to shots of her concert at Anime Expo last year.

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