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Anime Evo: Guilty Crown 15 Review

Anime Evo: Since I don’t want to ruin too much, let’s just jump right into the episode summary shall we? The episode picks up a few days after Shu is elected to be the new Student Council president, though it appears that he hasn’t implemented the Void ranking system Yahiro proposed. Though Yahiro is opposing his decision not to implement it, Shu feels good with this decision and all of the students work equally to put up a resistance barrier between themselves and the military, which is steadily making its way towards the school.

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Simon_Brezhnev4018d ago

Well you need help if you think this anime is an A+ or just have low standards.

Dropped the anime around episode 12. Shu is one of the biggest pussies in anime. All he does is whine and hesitate. I guess he finally mans up at the end but i doubt it.

Shu and Yuki(Mirai Nikki) worst main characters this anime season.

TBH animes are downgrading as in story. Animes are too soft these days.

cemelc4017d ago

Guilty crown is one the wrost anime in my recent memories.

Awfull characters specially inori for crying out loud how can a charater like that be a lead in an anime??? she doesnt even have personality. Shoe is terrible too, a poor mans lelouch and a wimp, and gai witch was decent till they went and ruined him in ep 12 (Trinton...just sad).

What amaze me the most is that it has such a great animation for such a train wreck of a plot. Droped around ep 12 too Not worth it even as time filler.

Simon_Brezhnev4017d ago

Yeah your right the 1st episode hyped it up especially at the end. Only reason to watch it was for Inori being sexy.LOL I gave up on the show when Shu became a real pussy after killing somebody. I see you also got taste.

80s/90s animes are still superior to new ones. It's like they scared to take chances now if you notice a lot of new animes main characters try to clone luffy and goku personality. Strong but yet dumb.