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Creator of Naruto Shares Insights

Masashi Kishimoto tells about his influences in making Naruto.

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tayz4007d ago

i hope this series doesn't end soon. i'm very scared!! at least 8 more years so we can have a 20 yr anniversary!

Flavor4006d ago

I think we should all see at this point that the series has run its course, keeping it going much longer would just be life support.

However, if and when Naruto wraps up, it will be a severe blow to the manga and anime industries, as there is nothing left to replace the revenue it generated - there are no breakout series, and creators are being advised not to go into manga because of scanlations.

skrug4006d ago

well something replaced DB... so.... something else will come out and replace naruto/bleach/one piece when the time comes

gaffyh4006d ago

I agree with skrug, Naruto needs to finish and hopefully it will pretty soon because it has gone on for a while now. There is however one story that they could easily do after madara is defeated, because Hanzo is still alive, as he didn't die when fighting pain

Simon_Brezhnev4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

You do know One Piece revenue is way more than Naruto look at the sells in Japan. OP demolishes all other mangas when it comes to sales.
Hanzo is not alive he is dead.

--Onilink--4006d ago


im not sure if you are talking about a diferent hanzo or maybe you are not up to the latest in the manga (if its the second stop reading here)

but Salamander Hanzo was killed, he is shown during the 4th war revived with Impure world resurrection and then sealed

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FlashXIII4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Someone should ask him why he lets the anime creators shaft us so bad with the worst fillers probably ever seen in an anime.

Interesting last paragraph though "Naruto is getting close to the climax of the series, and it's going to get really heated from now on, so keep following Naruto until the end. That would make me really happy."

I guess you can see it coming but it'll be a sad sad day when Naruto is finished. On the bright side though, it could mean NO MORE FILLERS!

Furesis4006d ago

oh my god the fillers are so bad that's propably the only reason why i dont like watching naruto and there's so many too and they last so long

Simon_Brezhnev4006d ago

Yeah Naruto does fillers when they dont need too. Bleach and OP only does it when their extremely close to manga.

DEATHxTHExKIDx4006d ago

I could see Naruto ending this year which would be sad but its had a damn good run.I could see a posible sequel but it would have to be in my image.

Panthers4006d ago

I just started watching this on Hulu, from the very beginning. Up to season 3 of the original Naruto. Liking it so far.

Instigator4002d ago

Naruto is way past it's prime. Except from a few flashbacks, the series has gone downhill since the end of the Pain fight. I still enjoy reading it, but I'm a little relieved that it seems to be nearing it's end.

Simon_Brezhnev4002d ago

I have to agree its not as interesting to me since the Pain fight. What really turned me off is bringing a whole bunch of dead people back to life to fight a war. Just seems like kishi and kubo are finding reasons to drag out their mangas. Even though i like Bleach more than Naruto. Right now im liking the other Jump series more.

Instigator4000d ago

The Edo Tensei put a huge dent in the quality, that's for sure. The war would have been much better if Tobi manipulated the countries into fighting each other instead of Kishi bringing back people he clearly killed off too early.
Bleach could have ended after the Aizen fight, and I wouldn't have missed a continuation. The whole timeskip felt like a reboot to me.