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The Tyuno Project: Top 5 Sexiest Female Anime Characters

What’s up everyone, this is Tyuno The Great. Well Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so I figure that I would dedicate this month to the women. I decided to list the top sexiest female characters in video games, anime, and comic books. This time I’m going to list the top 5 sexiest female characters in Anime, but who will be the number one pick?

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Simon_Brezhnev4004d ago

disagree with number 1. She's about average to me in the Bleach universe.

Megaman_nerd4004d ago

true that man. Orihime is dumb as fuuu but for me she is hotter than Ragiku, specially after the time skip.

Simon_Brezhnev4004d ago

Yeah i know my favorite Bleach ladies are Riruka, Ikumi Unagiya, Yourichi, Kūkaku Shiba , and last but not least Unohana Retsu.

ElasticLove4004d ago


Tanir4003d ago

WTF, that list sucked.

horrible, Bleach, naruto, Onepieces characters are hideous. Yoko was pretty hot, but the fact that no girls from Queen's blade were on the list fails lol.

and if they were gonna use bleach, why not choose Nel?

ugh crappy list hahha

chadwarden4003d ago

All the girls from fairy tail>these bimbos

Simon_Brezhnev4003d ago

you say that because all FT is about is fan service and trying to copy One Piece. lol

chadwarden4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

the only aspect of Ft that is the same as OP is with the balance of comedy and action. Character design is better in fairy tail. The girls in one piece look disproportionate. Ex. Nami's waist is Lindsey lohan thin. And don't make it sound like one piece is this original piece of work. For the same reasons people like you say FT copied OP, one could easily use those same reasons and say OP copied DBZ.

Simon_Brezhnev4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Name stuff OP copied from DBZ. FT is overrated i gave up on it after the Hades arc its all about nakama power ups. Now think real hard if your not trying to be such a FT fanboy. Gildatz is a straight rip off of Shanks. Hell even FT copied some stuff from Naruto. I do have to admit Luffy does act like Goku in some way but actually have a goal. Just to let you know my favorite anime/manga of all time is Hokuto No Ken they started all that fast punching before dragon ball.

They even have similar powers


I'll be honest hottest girl in FT is Meredy after the time skip.

ElasticLove4003d ago

"I'll be honest hottest girl in FT is Meredy after the time skip."
Agree 100%

rataranian4003d ago

No Matoko Kusanagi? Meh. Maybe I'm the only one who likes her?

Lord_Sloth4003d ago

Hell no you're not! I LOVE the Major!

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The story is too old to be commented.