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Top 10 Most Boring Anime of Winter 2012

What are the most boring anime of Winter 2012? Capsule Computer's have the top 10 list of what the Japanese believe to be the most boring.

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masterabbott4004d ago

yes most of these are spot on.

futurefrog4004d ago

I'd have to say that I agree, especially with Kill Me Baby. Honestly it just tried so hard to be funny that it had no plot and was not even humourous. END MINI RANT.

koga884003d ago

It's not that terrible, though I do agree it should be on the list for most boring. There are a few laughs to be had in it but for the most part you'll be spending only around 5 or so minutes laughing while the show is 20 minutes long.

trendor4003d ago

Nisemonogatari is the most boring... they never shut up!!!!

trendor4003d ago

like nothing ever happens

Simon_Brezhnev4003d ago

I tried Senki Zesshō Symphogear but the main character pisses me off like no other. She reminds me of Shu(guilty crown) and Yuki(mirria nikki).

I'm glad Brave 10 is not on that list we might get a second season.

koga884003d ago

I haven't actually started watching Brave 10. Is it worth giving a shot?

As for Symphogear I've seen that it has picked up a lot more over the past few episodes, though if you don't like Hibiki then it won't change much.

Simon_Brezhnev4003d ago

Yeah i hate Hibiki. I do like when she go berserk though. Brave 10 is good in action the anime made me read the manga. It's loosely based on the book brave 10 by some author 2 lazy look it up now. LOL. The girl in Brave 10 is your typical damsel in distress. A lot of people compare it to Samurai Deeper Kyo its just been a long time since i saw that show i cant remember it good.

koga884003d ago

I don't agree with Nisemonogatari being boring at all. The first season just focused a lot more on each of Araragi's girls' demon problems, while this time around they are focusing more on just his sisters alone. Though I have to agree that they are spending a bit too much time talking.

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