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Pokemon: Black and White Collection 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Check out Capsule Computer's review of Pokemon: Black and White Collection 1 on DVD. Follow the link for the review. Is Pokemon making a comeback?

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koga883755d ago

Hard to believe Pokemon is still going today. Who are his partners this time around? I know that they usually switch his two followers every time he goes to a new region.

futurefrog3755d ago

He now has Iris and Cilan who are gym leaders in the game haha. Yeah and apparently its still going strong, so thats good news

masterabbott3754d ago

Pokemon will never end .. its always EVOLVING !! HAR HAR HAR !!

Archaic3745d ago

Keep in mind koga, I'm not just the guy running AnimeShinbun. I also run Bulbagarden/Bulbapedia, the world's largest Pokémon website. ;)

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JS_CC3754d ago

Man, it has been a while since I have played a Pokemon game, let alone watch the anime. Still, good to hear the anime is still going strong. I remembered, as a kid, waking up and getting ready for school and this was on TV (the first season, of course). Awesome times.

futurefrog3754d ago

Yeah I have great memories of my childhood with Pokemon as well, it was really a great anime to grow up with.

masterabbott3754d ago

i have to agree with the frog on this one. Pokemon has been around when Chariots and the plague were cool