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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings Season Two Review [Capsule Computers]

Ready for some more over the top action? FUNimation really hopes that you are, because they have released the second season of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings. Capsule Computers has reviewed this second season, does it live up to the name of Sengoku Basara?

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Simon_Brezhnev4001d ago

Naw season 2 is way worse than season 1.

I give it a 6/10.

I even saw the Sengoku Basara movie is was good until they made Ieyashu into a little punk. If you want a good story play the Sengoku Basara games.

I do admit though Sengoku Basara has a great soundtrack.

futurefrog4001d ago

I dont like Sengoku Basara, it's just too much about samurais if you get what I mean

koga884001d ago

This one also focuses less on the more fantastical themes the first season had, instead its more basic over the top action if that makes sense. The first season had giant robot like men and Oda Nobunaga who had dark magic, now its just a giant guy with godly fists.

futurefrog4001d ago

I dont understand. Does this one have magical monsters and stuff?

koga884001d ago

There were no magical monsters in the first one even, though Oda could use dark magic and guns and one of the opposing generals was literally a samurai Zaku from Gundam except he had half a human face peeking out form under his helmet.

Simon_Brezhnev4001d ago

I cant say basic over the top action. When Yukimura stopped that fortress at the end really pissed me off. I really dislike him as a character.

masterabbott4001d ago

what the hell is wrong with samurai's !! they are awesome!!!

masterabbott4001d ago

I like this series, I think it should of been given a 8.5

Deadpool6164000d ago

Yeah! Me too! Nothing but action and awesomeness. >:D

What did they expect when they saw this? Magical Girl Pretty Sammy??? :/