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Top 30 Anime OP and ED of 2011 according to the Japanese

The Japanese have been polled to see what they think are the best anime openings and endings of 2011. What show topped the rankings?

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futurefrog4008d ago

Very pleased with this list. Was great to see Un-Go and Steins;Gate make the list.

koga884008d ago

I'm extremely happy that C3 managed to snag the top spot on the list. It really had an amazing opening songs, but the first one was the best.

iChii4008d ago

C3's openings are awesome, but I think Another deserves a spot in that list. Also, glad to see Future Diaries there. :)

cemelc4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

I cant open this web anyone care to post the list for me? thx in advance

Edit: NVM, the web just opened... great list actually

masterabbott4008d ago

Yes i have to agree Un-Go deserves to be here.

Simon_Brezhnev4008d ago

Un-Go ending was a lot better than opening. C3 opening is only good for the 1st 20 seconds until she sings. I hate when Japanese do very good instrumentals then when they sing they change the whole song.

Fate/Zero ending was pretty good too.

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LinkageAX4008d ago

Man, the japanese have weird tastes. Still pretty aweosme list.

masterabbott4008d ago

Frog all you do is pick on LinkageAX .. leave him alone its not his fault he has problems.

Megaman_nerd4008d ago

weird doesn't even starts to describe it.

masterabbott4008d ago

japanese are pretty spot on when it comes to their anime. Great list i must say

TheColbertinator4004d ago

I loved the Gundam AGE opening and I was sure they would list it.