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Viz Media force Mangastream to remove Jump Manga

Viz Media threatened Mangastream with legal action giving them no choice but to stop releasing illegally scanlated versions of popular Jump manga. So why are the fans outraged? Follow the link the out.

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Laike3754d ago

These companies do remember who helped make these mangas popular in North America... right?

futurefrog3754d ago

As strange as it is to say, the industry was founded on these pirates bringing content people wanted that the big companies like Viz wouldnt.

trendor3753d ago

the pirates help other countries that dont get manga to be able to enjoy it like everyone else but viz want to control the worlds source of manga!!

crxss3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

mangastream was the greatest translator for jump manga... eff you viz

link's broken... did viz threaten capsulecomputers as well? haha

masterabbott3753d ago

its dissapointing to read this.

futurefrog3753d ago

Yeah I don't know what Viz's deal.

trendor3753d ago

there deal is that they are assholes

Cat3753d ago

I learned in grade school history class that the answer is always "France" or "money".

(this time it's "money")

masterabbott3753d ago

why are they doing this ?

trendor3753d ago

Viz are trying to steal freedom to read manga from other countries just like americans always try to do!!!

Simon_Brezhnev3753d ago

This is old news. I mean there are other sites. They even got a podcast of viz and mangastream translator talking for like a hour about this.

koga883753d ago

There will always be someone who scans faster than Viz's crappy system where it takes three weeks to get a scan out.

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