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Lady Blames Anime for Suicides. I Blame Her for Stupidity.

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft writes, "How the hell does it do that? Anime is anime. Reality is reality. If you cannot tell the difference, then perhaps you have issues that need to be addressed. And if it wasn't anime that caused you to blur real and fantasy, it would be something else: movies, books, or, yes, religion."

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Ranma13205d ago

Anime made me clever, before i was a dumbass. Then i started watching anime which had inspiring stories behind them.

Anime has inspired me, nothing on TV has ever inspired me as much as anime

Spardasieg3204d ago god this cant be serious.

Instigator3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

They should send daily reruns of Orihara Izaya's inspiring talk to the 2 suicidal girls in the karaoke room, sit back and watch those numbers plummet.

Flavor3204d ago

Judging by what turns up at Anime conventions, maybe Anime really does depress and deform people.