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Fox Commentator Decries Arrietty for Anti-One-Percent Agenda

During a segment of his Lou Dobbs Tonight program on Monday, Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs decried both The Secret World of Arrietty film and the upcoming film adaptation of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.

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koga883502d ago

Ah... Fox... the most idiotic and stupidest news station on the entire country. They are just pathetic when it comes to things that aren't old white men who are rich. God forbid the movie isn't about conservatives who want the little people to play little people taxes.

Tuxedo_Mask3502d ago

The Borrowers was first published in 1952 and The Lorax in 1971. There have already been adaptations of the stories before, but because they happened to come out this year they're propaganda? Besides that, The Secret World of Arrietty wasn't even made by Hollywood.

deep_fried_bum_cake3502d ago

Don't say that, you're speaking to much truth. You'll end up waking up in a holding cell deep beneath the Fox Headquarters.