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Naruto Shippuden March 2012 Schedule

5 new, canon episodes during March.

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tayz3991d ago

can't wait for march so much good stuff coming!!! plus generations!!

deep_fried_bum_cake3990d ago

Gonna start watching this again as I started only reading the manga when I got frustrated at waiting a week for an episode and that was july or august before the fillers.

tayz3990d ago

lol. i know the feeling. i remember getting annoyed with waiting with the episodes and went to the manga. it gets worse cuz soon u will be at my place and u will have to wait a week for the manga!

deep_fried_bum_cake3990d ago

I caught up with the manga in just over a day back then and I've been waiting weekly for it since. I just didn't go back to the anime, and then the fillers started and I decided not to. I've kept myself entertained by reading many other mangas and a couple of animes.

aDDicteD3990d ago

very nice episodes this march!