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Japanese Fans Name the Most Needed Anime Sequels

In Biglobe's latest anime poll, almost 2,000 Japanese fans named the anime series most in need of a sequel. The usual suspects like K-on! and Haruhi are there, but Angel Beats! takes the top spot, and that's just the first surprise.

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TheColbertinator2888d ago

We need more Angel beats,more Dance in the Vampire bund and more High School of the Dead.

Tuxedo_Mask2888d ago

Sad to see the absence of Deadman Wonderland.

Simon_Brezhnev2887d ago

You wont see that if ever. The sales was shit in japan. I do want to see a sequel to Initial D. Angel Beats dont need a sequel it ended perfectly. Natsume Yuujinchou sequel is already airing lol.


They f' up the story by taking key characters out , so if a 2nd season does come around their death will have no meaning

gaffyh2887d ago

This is what pisses me off. I personally think that almost every anime on this list is pretty much garbage, with a few exceptions. Yet stuff like Claymore, which NEEDS a sequel in order to fix the story are nowhere to be seen :(. Start a Kickstarter and I will f***ing pay for a Claymore sequel happily.

DivineHand1252887d ago

Claymore, Elfin Lied, Black Blood Brothers, Gunslinger Girl and Deadman wonderland


We just need more HOTD and a 2nd season of MM!really want to know if he gets to be cured and lives a happy life with one of the girls.
P.S Angel Beats needs a sequel but in the manga form so we get to know everyones past in more detail