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Naruto Generations Sells 65,758 Copies in First Week at Retailers (Japan)

Sales figures for week 1 have been revealed.

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tayz3986d ago

this game better sell like a million in the usa!!

aDDicteD3985d ago

hope there's even better counts in the US

gaffyh3985d ago

That's pretty terrible compared to One Piece sales.

Simon_Brezhnev3985d ago

It really is whats funny is thats exactly how the manga sales are when vs OP always times 10 LOL.

tayz3985d ago

65K is the most ever but they could have done better. Namco bandai screwed themselves over because of the one piece game. thats more popular then naruto there

they should have released Generations in the USA first and then released it in japan last on like march 30th

deep_fried_bum_cake3985d ago

Well the one piece think is a shipment figure. This is sales figures at retail.