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[T-ONO] My Girlfriend is the President (PC) Review

"What do you get when you mix aliens, earth, brainwashing, hot girls, comedy and a panda? Well, you get My Girlfriend is The President that’s what! It was animated by Alcot and translated for all to enjoy by JAST USA.

The backstory is a bit weird, but here it is: Nippon (that’s Japan to you gaijin) has been destroyed in 20XX AD, but not due to war or a nuclear attack but rather an alien spaceship that has crashed into the country. As if that was not bad enough, you wake up and find that your next door neighbor, who is super cute, is now the President of Nippon - but wait, there's more!"

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Ranma13987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Unusual name for an anime game

rezznik3987d ago

Indeed it is, but it's aptly named.

koga883987d ago

Gotta admit, it has to be pretty hard to review an eroge title on the PC, though with each character having their own story arcs with no overlap minus the first chapter, this one is certainly worth it.