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Mass Effect anime in the works, website online

The Mass Effect universe is expanding: After two hugely successful games, comics, and a dozen novels and a planned live-action film, it was only a matter of time, could look forward to fans of the epic science fiction story is also an anime.
Mass Effect: Paragon Lost was announced a year ago, and today was the official site for the film online, by the animation studio Production IG (including The Vision of Escaflowne and GITS: SAO) will be produced.
Paragon Lost to serve as a prequel to the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 and revolves around the Alliance Navy James Vega, the first in the comic book Mass Effect: Conviction has been presented. He leads a special unit of the Marines who fought against the collector, an alien race.

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Ranma13736d ago

Anyone watches the halo anime, it seemed really cool.

Hope this anime turns out to be good and gets more people into the genre

koga883736d ago

Seems like FUNimation let the cat out of the bag a bit earlier than they were saying...