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Horrible New Anime shows. The anime shows you do not want to watch, seriously

Animekida writes: The second part of this blog tells of the anime shows that I did not like. I am not saying that they are bad per say. It is just that most of these shows are really not my cup of tea. They make me wonder about the originality of the mangaka artist (and of the companies who air these really bad shows). This proves that the Japanese mangaka community is running out of ideas. A long time ago they used to put like a 1000 good anime shows. Hellsing Ultimate, Gai Rei Zero, Blood + , Ghost 07 , Mnemosyne ect. Those days seems long gone. Now I go entire seasons without watching one good anime show. Naruto is stuck in its Odyssey phase. They promised me a 2 day trip. Its been weeks and he has yet to see the red squid. By the time he arrives Obito's war is gonna be done and over with. In any case, I am going to tell you which anime shows you should not watch.

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Ranma13984d ago

I think so.

And the Live action adaptation of many Anime's will just keep introducing more and more people to the best genre in the world