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Is Manga Dying?

Sequentialtart writes: we put versions of these questions to members of Sequential Tart for their points of view:

1. Is manga publishing dying? Why or why not?

2. Is interest in manga dying? What have you observed?

3. How can manga publishing be revived?

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Ranma13736d ago

I think so. Now were in the digital age and due to copyright infrigement, and am assuming (with no stats to back me up) that its hitting sales hard)

Noctis Aftermath3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

1. Yes manga PUBLISHERS are dying, because in a digital age they serve less importance.

2. No, interest in manga is growing, mostly in countries outside japan.

3. Shounen Jump and other manga magazines need to go completely digital, worldwide, and offer there services fully translated no longer than a week to everyone for either: free (funded by ads) or a small fee per magazine issue, aswell as the ability to subscribe(at a discounted price).

Sites like Jmanga just don't cut it and are a complete joke.

The prices need to be cheap, the translations need to be fast BUT they must also be good.

Trying to shutdown all these manga sites won't work untill they have a viable alternative, which seems like it's at least 10 years away.

Ranma13735d ago



Anyone else agree anime is better than manga?

deep_fried_bum_cake3735d ago

I don't agree. I love anime because in animes with any action is shows you things in a way that you crave to see when reading the manga. But it has it downsides (not for every anime):

- Fillers
- Completely ignoring the manga
- Unfitting voice actors
- Only covering a portion of the manga

An anime which properly follows the manga or one which has no source manga can be great but for the mangas I read they are usually mediocre snippets of the manga.


i agree if people start something they need to finish it or stop at some point in an arc

Ranma13735d ago


Why anime>manga

1. Has sound and music which adds tension

2. Dont need to flip any pages, just watch

3. Character have a voice which give them more personality

4. Story is easier to follow, and tone of voice and atmosphere make it easier to understand what's going on

JAMurida3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

1. You can listen to music as you read manga, which adds tension.

2. Don't even know if that stands as a "reason".

3. I personally have no problem with that. The way the characters act in the manga is more than enough for personality.

4. Have no problem following the story in manga, but anime does pace things in a way to where it is easier to digest.

My reasons for Manga>anime:

1. Manga usually has more detail about the story and is raw then how they have to make the anime, (due to tv rating and what not). Perfect example, go read Welcome to the NHK and then read the manga.

2. With manga you have a more diverse amount of content. I'm not sure how much it cost to make anime/manga, but I'm sure manga is cheaper between the two. And there are usually new series coming out every day. While with anime, it a seasonal thing.

3. Anime studios are usually picky with what shows they want to animate. There are sooo many amazing manga series out there that probably would never be animated. So only watching anime, you only see half of it all. Good examples of that are Alive: The Final Evolution, Fire Candy, Bloody Monday,Lying Mii Chan Precious lies, Onani Master Kurosawa, etc...

Overall to sum it up, manga/manwha is just more diverse, IMO, than anime given the wider selection of genres in it and the fact that it CAN be in it's rawest form with the content, which is something they will never show in anime. But what it comes down to is do you prefer to watch or read. Me? I can do both.

EDIT: I was going to go into detail about how manga also branches into manwha, (Korean comics), which adds even more amazing stories that will probably never be animated, but I figured I'll stick this mainly to anime vs manga.

CrescentFang3735d ago

Well there are a few reasons why I prefer manga over anime, but I respect your opinion.

1. With manga I read at my own pace and don't watch something for a set amount of time. I naturally read fast, so I get more chapters read in an hour than watching a few episodes in an hour.
2. I think it's easy for manga to portray what and character is thinking (thought bubble) and what their doing (talking to someone) at the same time. I just feel that it flows better.
3. This is a hit/miss. Manga that are adapted to anime aren't always successful. Make a MONTHLY manga into an anime? It's just going to end short and usually disappoints in the end. Same with Light Novel anime adaptations. Sometimes they even change up the story... which is the worst
4. Plot pacing is kind of hard to do in any kind of media. But sometimes, especially in anime, you just waste your time on filler (not just that stuff they add in because the anime is close to the manga, I mean like random fanservice or some stupid random subplot). In a manga (especially weekly ones) you will probably find it too, but at the cost of a few minutes (reading shouldn't take that long). Monthly ones usually get the best stories, probably because they have enough time to plan it out.
5. For Manga adapted Anime, I feel that the animation loses something form of style that the mangaka has in his/her manga (at least most of the time). There's some sort of depth or detail that I can't seem to see when I compare a manga to it's anime. I don't know if it's that anime studio working on it or whatnot, but I have yet to find an anime to take a mangaka's art and give it life not just "animate" it.

I can't seem to list anything else and a few of those points i could have fused together, but I didn't want to make them too big of a paragraph. deep_fried_bum_cake also listed some reasons I dislike anime to manga, but really I do love them both. These are just some minor gripes ^_^

mamotte3734d ago

I completely agree with you, actually, I was just about to make that list. If you want my opinion, give a try at the Usagi Drop series. It's better than the anime (in my opinion), the drawings are great, the music cannot be better... oh, and for god's sake: if you want to compare both, read the manga'tl volume four, and then STOP READING IT AT ALL. You've been warned.


i wish HOTD was back nothing cool is on rather than Another and Sora no otonishio

JAMurida3734d ago

@ Mamotte

I forgot about Usagi Drop. I read the manga to it after watching the first ep of the anime. That in itself is a good example of how anime sometimes cut series short like that.

Deadman Wonderland
Air Gear

The list goes on...

GameGuy3735d ago

If it has pics like the one in the thumbnail I don't see why it would be dying :)

tarbis3735d ago

Don't think so. Why would it? There are lots of mangas being published. Too many mangas, so little time to read.

Perkel3735d ago

Ofcourze it dies. So many cliches completly destroys any exitment.

Mahwa in other news is gaining attention. And it's looking more and more exiting.

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