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Kotaku: Is This Anime Outfit Fashionable? Or Just Freaky?

The photo was snapped in Tokyo's hipster neighborhood Harajuku. I haven't seen anyone dressed like this in Japan (and most people online in Japan also seemed surprised).

The photo is making the internet rounds with some people saying this get-up looks cool. The guy might even be wearing a hug pillow! The look is interesting, that's for sure. And you definitely need to be confident to step outside in something like that and make it work.

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Ranma12875d ago

Looks pathetic and nerdy.

Something a star wars fan or that comic book guy from Simpsons would wear

Tuxedo_Mask2875d ago

It does look odd, but he's got guts to go out in public like that.

Ranma12875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yes i agree, for that i would praise him.

my dislike is with his scarf and shoes and tights. t shirt to me is borderline.

it would be nicer if he wore one which wasnt of very young girls