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One Piece: Pirate Warriors Week 2 DLC – Kimono Nami in Action

New DLC for Kaizoku Musou has been released.

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tayz3519d ago

Nami-swan never looked better! <3

Ranma13518d ago

Its nice, but can you tell me wether this is from the anime?

dont worry, its not hentai

sunnygrg3518d ago

It's from the anime.

I don't know the exact episode number, but it happens when Hancock gives Luffy the key to Ace's lock in Marineford.

tayz3518d ago

lol that scene was hilarious. the marines were like "damn luffy u bold sob!!"

Ranma13518d ago

IS One Piece: Pirate Warriors that Dyansty Warriors type game?

Because DW is just the same sh*t again and again

Simon_Brezhnev3518d ago

You must never played DW7 because its vastly different then the others.

Simon_Brezhnev3518d ago

I watched One Piece a lot but i never saw Nami in a Kimono unless its one of the filler episodes. Then again Name and Robin are like the only anime characters i know that change they outfits all the time.

tayz3519d ago

i just realized this pic makes it look like a Ranma1 post. Damn it dude and ur false sexyness posts! This pic is from the article

Ranma13518d ago

Visit the wayback machine website.

You will see that even before i started posting here, stories with sexy pics had the most heat.

tayz3518d ago

so what. they got stopped posting for a reason! they are bad!! they look hot but are bad!!


they were black
" if you know what i mean "