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Trade show company: Anime more than cartoons, It’s a thriving, influential culture.

Back in the day, the American anime experience was limited to a couple shows on TV and a small selection at your local comic book shop. Now, anime is a multi-million dollar industry, and traditional entertainment outlets turn to anime to tell their stories with increasing frequency. Join representatives from leading anime, gaming, and digital media companies as they gather to discuss anime’s impact on pop-culture, and find out how anime impacts your life in ways you might not even suspect. From your mobile device to the movie theater, in your video games and on your DVR, anime is everywhere. It’s more than cartoons – It’s a thriving, influential culture.

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Ranma13978d ago

I agree. Some people who never watched anime put it in the same category as western cartoons.

Western cartoons are poor and usually for children and have little character development.

Wher as anime has deep and serious engrossing stories.

Anime>Western cartoons

Simon_Brezhnev3976d ago

Yeah your actually right. 80s and 90s cartoons was so much better i loved me some ducktales, talesspin, Aladdin, gargoyles, ninja turtles, and many more. LOL

Only american cartoons thats actually good now is probably Young Justice and the new Thundercats was pretty good even though japan did the animation for it. LOL