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"Phantasy Star Online 2" Leaps to PS Vita

Sega made an announcement via Sony's PS Vita Videogame Heaven web presentation that should please fans of its online RPG saga. As series producer Sakai Satoshi reveals in the video below, a port of Phantasy Star Online 2 is in the works for PlayStation Vita.

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Soulscare3979d ago

You can also play your same character on both the PC and Vita version.

Can't wait for this! Just wasn't too happy about the "2013" at the end.

Ranma13977d ago

Ive always wanted to play this rpg series, is it as good as FF10?

Soulscare3977d ago

One of my comments a little further down... "I'm not a huge Phantasy Star fan" xD I've heard nothing but good things about it though! Always wanted to play one properly and its looking this one will be the one that draws me in...

However as good as FF10? That game was brilliant so I some what doubt it... Also this isn't as turn based as the FF series.

SynGamer3977d ago

My only concern is how much will they charge for the Vita subscription? I'm not paying $14.99/mo to play an MMO on my Vita, and my computer can't run the game at a high enough level to warrant a sub. fee on there...

I *might* pay $9.99 for a sub. fee on the Vita version, but we'll see...SEGA will need to be smart about how they price this. What would be ideal is if they price it at $50 like Uncharted, but no subscription fee is required...

Soulscare3977d ago

I'm not a huge Phantasy Star fan, so I may be wrong here but I though Phantasy Star Universe was the MMO? Phantasy Star Online was just a regular Phantasy Star game with online features... I did read somewhere that the old PSO games had a subscription fee even though they wern't MMO's...

If it is an MMO however, I'll happily pay £10/$15! Having an MMO in your pocket is much more conveniant than sitting at your computer or PS3!

NovusTerminus3977d ago

If you can play the same character on both PC and VITA you might have a single fee for your account and just have to buy the game on both.

SynGamer3977d ago

What about people who buy it on Vita but don't want or can't run it on their PC? Surely they will be an option for them. Again, I would like to dream that SEGA will make it F2P on the Vita (still gotta buy the game).

NovusTerminus3977d ago

You have to buy the game on PC as well, 50+ monthly fee is how it all works. Which might be $10monthly. I dunno yet, gotta wait for SEGA to say something.

SynGamer3977d ago

Yes, cost of game + monthly sub. fee, but considering the experience is going to be on a much smaller screen, I don't think they can get away with charging the same sub. fee for the PS Vita version as they would with the PC version. And I can already imagine the PC sub. fee is going to be $9.99-$14.99.

If SEGA is spending the money to make the Vita version, they are going to want to get it into gamers' hands. A $10 monthly fee for a Vita game isn't going to fly on a mass scale. Maybe $4.99 a month, but what would likely be the best business model would be to offer the Vita version for $39.99 or $49.99, but no monthly sub. fee.

I would imagine gamers who are interested in the game and have a Vita are going to be more inclined to pick up both versions. If that's true, SEGA is going to see $50 for the PC and lets say at least $40 for the Vita. That's $90 for the same game, plus the monthly sub. fee for the PC version. I think SEGA can afford to allow the Vita version for free online. And heck, there's likely to be an online store/shop for items, storage, etc. Offering the Vita version with no monthly sub. fee would definitely entice myself and others I'm sure to buy items...

NovusTerminus3977d ago

I can understand how they COULD make it free. But I don't know if they will.

You might get a coupon for the other game.
Vita comes with a PC coupon, and vise versa

They are gonna charge for the Vita game. I don't want them to, but they will. It would be nice to get the Vita game free with the PC version of the game. Which might be the case.

The company is not going to look at console, but instead "Accounts" which means, Vita, PC does not matter, you will get the same fee for the account.

SynGamer3977d ago

I disagree. They are still going to be developing the game for well over a year, possibly two when it is finally released. They will and NEED to charge for it. That said, i can't see SEGA releasing the Vita version with the sole purpose to target the PSO2 PC players. What if they don't have a Vita? Some may go out and purchase one if the Vita version is given away for free, but most won't.

On the other hand, a Vita owner that buys PSO2 may not want or be able to purchase/use the PC version. SEGA will need to treat these as two separate markets/audiences, while still rewarding those who want both versions. Perhaps a discounted "bundle" for the monthly fee would work?

I still think SEGA would be better off offering the Vita version for a one time purchase price with free online, that way PC owners who have a Vita can jump over without having to pay even more monthly.

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