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The Mike Toole Show: The Con That Failed

Michael Toole: About eleventeen columns back, I made some throwaway remark about how interesting it was that there are anime conventions literally every single weekend of the calendar year. Okay, maybe that's not strictly true - since Christmas was over the weekend last year, there weren't any conventions - but that was one of the only weekends the entire year that didn't have at least one event booked. There are some years when several of the larger conventions happen simultaneously - In 2009, Anime Boston, Anime North, and Animazement all went down on the same weekend. I remember feeling vaguely alarmed when I noticed this coincidence - surely this would have some impact on numbers, right? At the very least, the two Atlantic cons (Anime Boston and Animazement) would cannibalize each other's attendees a bit.

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Ranma13980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

such a shi*ty now, no wonder it failed.

had it been called hentai convention or bible black convention.

May have had a chance