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GameInformer - Tales of Graces F Review: A Story Of Friendship And JRPG Clichés

GameInformer's Kyle Hilliard writes, "Tales of Graces f follows the story of Asbel, his childhood friends, and a mysterious amnesiac girl he found on a hill near his hometown. You begin the game as a child, and after a terrible incident which will remain vague in the interest of avoiding spoilers, Asbel jumps forward seven years to pick up the story as a young adult, living with his choices. It’s this jump forward in time where the story begins to get interesting, but it takes about eight monotonous hours of gameplay to get to."

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Ranma13979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Dssapointed. I expected better.

But i was never into the chibi childish character art style, it put me off.

But still must buy, since jrpg on consoles are rare, and SE has been making only shitty games

Soulscare3978d ago

Chibi childish? I like the art style! Didn't disagree because the last part was true... People should buy this if they want more Tales games to be released in NA and Europe. Still no official date here in Europe =/ Probably gunna import it.