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Gamesradar- Tales of Graces F Review

Gamesradar writes, "Tales of Graces f is just what JRPG fans need right now. It's got a handful of shortcomings, but they're diminished by the fact that this title captures the classic RPG spirit so well. It's the first console RPG in a long time where we've been engrossed enough to explore every nook and cranny, talk to every villager, search everyone's houses, and find all the paths possible in a dungeon. And for many, that's all they could want at this point – a portal back to the fun and wonderment that many of us felt during the PS2 era of RPGs. That's what Tales of Graces f completely embodies."

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Ranma13973d ago

seems like a decent jrpg.

my favourite was Tales of Symphonia on gamecube.

That skeleton guy with 8 hands kept kicking my a**, until i realised its not necessary to fight him