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Top 25 Influential/Historic Anime

Anime fans sought to provide a ranking of the most influential, historic and memorable anime ever to grace the medium, resulting in a rather impressive list of undisputed classics both new and old.

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Ranma13983d ago

Evenagelion is definitely not the MOST INFLUENTIAL anime.

Them ost influential anime of all time is Astroy Boy and Dragon Ball Z.

But the anime thats been most influential to me is one piece and naruto. As sad as it may seem, I will happily admit that i was inspired by Anime (such as naruto) and if it wasnt for it, I would not be in uni.

Ever since i watched them i have always wanted to be successful, as before i was purposely failing and not trying and always getting into fights and hanging out with idiots

NewMonday3981d ago

Influential meaning it changed things, not necessary the most popular, and for that:

- not astro boy but another Ozuma work "Tetsugin", because it birthed the "super robot" wave in the 70's
- Gundam changed the super-robot landscape , turned things to more realistic sic-fi
- Evangalion changed things again in the robot landscape and added surrealism/psychology.
- violence jack was only a manga originally , but it's extreme violence was influential in Anime.
- dragon ball for obviously being the godfather of power fighting anime like Naruto and OP
- Salor Moon was the godmother of fighting girl groupies
- space battleship Yamato is the godship of space-opera Anime, and all those shows with ship-crew dramas and old captains with only one eye visible.

NewMonday3981d ago

I want to plug one of Miyazaki's best work..

future boy Conan, a post-apocalyptic action/adventure/romance tv series , it was before he became popular with Anime movies, but it is the best he did IMOO

Baka-akaB3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

i dont even like evangelion , for the most part ...

But it is actually as influential as stuff like dbz , astro , gundam and macross .

DBZ reshaped the structure of the common shonen books and anime series .

And likewise Evangelion reshaped the modern mecha series .
It's sullen , boring and self tortured characters even gave birth to a type of girl template that keep getting cloned in many more genres than mecha animes .

It is easily as influential as DBZ .

Ranma13982d ago

I think the list has the correct anime in it. But in wrong order.

Astro Boy should be first, since its the grand daddy of anime.

& Evangelion is definitely not more influential than Dragon Ball, i fail to see how it is. Could anybody explain?

Ranma13982d ago

Most influential anime to me:

1. Naruto

2. One Piece

3. Dragon Ball Z

4. Pokemon

TheSuperior 3982d ago

Im going to have to agree with you there. although pokemon has been a huge part of my life for a longggg time x)

Lord_Sloth3981d ago

Evangelion fans and Mass Effect fans both praise them as the greatest things ever. Often times they overlap.

My top anime, in no order...

Yu Yu Hakusho
Outlaw Star
Iria: Zeiram the Animation
Vampire Hunter D
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist

The most influential depends...You can't really count newer anime since they haven't really had much time to influence many things yet.

Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Astro Boy would be some of the big ones though.

MilkMan3981d ago

List is flawed.
No Robotech and I don't mean Macross, I mean Robotech. List is obsolete.
Alsop you need Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scrolls and Fists of the North Star.

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