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Questioning Fandom: What Do You Want Adapted?

When you spend any amount of time in a particular medium and/or genre, there’s always a desire to see it expand beyond what it is. Some go whole hog over the years, where you have something like Star Wars go from a single movie to a monolith that’s evergreen in creating sales, new characters, stories and adventures (whether you like it or not). Other times you have something that’s so good but never truly goes beyond its original work.

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Ranma13975d ago

I wnat a live Action Cow boy bebop

Ranma13975d ago

We have seen many anime made into live action movies.

but not hentai has been made into live action yet...

Tratious3974d ago

I heard Media Blasters was working on a Live-Action Bible Black a few years ago.

kyosuke3975d ago

Several hentai have been made into live actin, including La Blue Girl which gave us live action tentacle hentai!

Ranma13975d ago

lol really?

has bible black been made into live action.

any others?

BlackPrince 423974d ago

Hellsing (either Ultimate or the manga) divided into five movies with Tarantino directing.