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Wired: Manga Is Not a Crime — For Now, at Least

Wired writes: For freedom of speech advocates — or anyone who just wants to read comics in peace and quite — yesterday’s decision clearing Ryan Matheson of any criminal wrong doing for transporting manga comics to Canada will come as a great relief. Matheson — a 27-year-old comic book reader, amateur artist, and computer programmer — was accused of possessing and importing child pornography because of comic book images on his laptop as he attempted to get into the U.S.’s neighbor to the North.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3972d ago

He shouldn't have been arrested but the guy needs some help if he likes paedophilic comics.

Ranma13972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

difference is when it comes to hand written drawings, judge gets to decide whats art and whats not.

and its difficult to tell how old character represented is even though most would agree they are underaged in this case.

but you cant make the judgement when it comes to drawings, as they dont have an age.

age is the basis on which a pedophilic crime is determined

CLOUD19833971d ago

That's bullsh1t u know that? this things r legal in JPN and there is an exclusive magazine full of loli-hentai manga, no1 can put boundaries in what an artist can or cant do, we r free ppl and we can read & watch w/e we want, it's sad that the country of so called freedom decide to take this path, at least JPN respect ppl's freedom and guess what in JPN there is much less crime rate than in US, US government lost their mind if they start arrest ppl for such things.

Ranma13971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

To me loli is just another form of manga.

I am not against it, i just dont like it and wouldnt encourage or promote it. Because its not my taste.

i hate it when in games like tales of graces f, characters have childish loli designs.

it really puts me off

CrescentFang3971d ago

@ Ranma1

About Tales of Graces f... In my opinion if you have seen Inomata's artwork (for this game particularly) I think you're mistaking the shoujo-esque style it possesses. Also the watercolor style also puts it another level in my book. I cannot see childishness in the actual artist's work, maybe from the in-game graphics and anime cutscenes.

Soulscare3971d ago

@Ranma1 I agree that its annoying when game characters look childish but as long as they're not portrayed in a sexual nature, its not that bad and I'd enjoy the game all the same (or at least I would if it was out in the UK -.-). But I would sooner they be adults though.

Main_Street_Saint3971d ago

Was a little misled by the title at first; I thought just having manga, in general, was what the issue was. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.

As for Loli, not a fan of that myself.

Soulscare3971d ago

Well I think its sick and anyone who defends him are just as bad... Everyone saying "Freedom of speech" and all that, if I was to make a Manga that was totally racist or about why killing kids isn't such a bad thing, people would hardly call it freedom of speech... People like this guy is what paints this horrible stereotypical image Manga and Anime fans have.

At the end of the day, the guy had images of a pedophilia nature, saying that it did no harm is to another person is ridiculous... Anyone remember the whole "Rape Lay" controversy? That didn't do harm to anyone yet it was still disgusting and anyone who found that entertaining is sick.

Probably get loads of disagree's for this but portraying children in that way is just wrong.