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Beelzebub TV Anime to End on March 25

The Beelzebub television anime series will end next Sunday, March 25, on its 60th episode. The anime magazines had revealed on March 10 that the anime is ending, and the official Twitter account for the anime corroborates this. However, Ryūhei Tamura's original manga is still continuing, and the last anime episode is titled "Sayonara wa Iimasen" ("We Don't Say Farewell").

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Instigator3977d ago

It might just as well, because it got dangerously close to the manga anyway. If it continued we would just get a filler galore and bad ones at that, as it's produced by Studio Pierrot of Naruto and Bleach fame.

Still, I'd rather see it go the seasonal route than end completely. The manga is far from bad, so the anime could have been good if done right.

Simon_Brezhnev3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Yeah i would rather it go seasonal like Nurarihyon.

Well just saw the preview for episode 60 they doing a damn filler ending that pisses me the hell off.