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Next Atelier Game Comes to PS3 in June

Gust has confirmed its mysterious "Project A14" game to be the next entry in the Atelier series. The game is due for release in June, on PlayStation 3.

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koga883973d ago

Awesome, it is great to see that the Atelier series is continuing. Wonder who will bring it to North America now that Tecmo Koei owns Gust. Will Tecmo Koei handle it or will NIS America continue to bring them over?

Ranma13972d ago

is this series any good. been getting bad reviews on metacritic?

koga883972d ago

JRPGs are very divisive when it comes to people who review them. I've seen multiple reviews shift depending on who actually understands the genre. I've seen more than one JRPG get a 2/10 from someone who never played a JRPG before while that same game would get a 9/10 from someone who understands the genre.

Personally I really enjoy the series and love the visual design used for the games, though obviously JRPG fans would get the biggest kick out of the game.