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Japanator - First Impressions: OZMA

Japanator's Salvador G-Rodiles writes, "Last time I got to see anything related to Leiji Matsumoto was the animation known as Interstella 5555, where Daft Punk's songs dominated the entire film. The other time was when Toonami had a streaming service known as Toonami Reactor, which allowed me to see the entirety of the first Space Battleship Yamato series in the Americanized form known as Star Blazers.

Besides those two works, I have encountered many references of his shows in comedy animes such as Excel Saga, along with the western cartoon giant robot series known as Megas XLR. I have heard nothing but good things about the shows that he has been involved in, so I was exited to see an original new series that has Leiji Matsumoto's style thrown in.

Let us venture below to see what kind of series OZMA is."

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