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Media Blasters Acquires Second Season Of ‘Squid Girl’ Anime

While things have been a bit on the gloom and doom side from Media Blasters this year, there are some rays of sunshine to hold out hope for. Over the weekend, someone asked on the Media Blasters Facebook page about whether they were going to pursue season two of Squid Girl, since the first season was released completely. The response came back fairly quickly from the company rep on the page by stating that they do indeed have it planned, marking the first news that the second season of the series has indeed been picked up for release.

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Ranma13969d ago

is this anime series any good

Lavalamp3969d ago

I think so, but you might not. Opinions.

koga883969d ago

While it is planned, they never did say they officially licensed it yet, they could potentially still lose the series or not pick it up given how Media Blasters has faired lately.