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The Secrets of a Manga Artist

Swedish-born Nana Li talks to Fotorater about being a European manga artist.

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Ranma13972d ago

ive never really liked manga.

anime>manga in my opinion

Instigator3971d ago

Manga>Anime in my opinion. Mangakas have much more freedom, and creates more original stories as a result.

Ranma13971d ago

how is manga>anime.

manga are just comics with no sound, no atmosphere or feeling IMHO

Simon_Brezhnev3971d ago

I agree with you instigator. Most animes always change the original story and end up fucking it up. Look at Blue Exorcist and the 1st series of Full Metal Alchemist.

Ranma you got a pretty closed mind.

Instigator3969d ago

The reason I mentioned above, for one. A manga has just as much atmosphere and feeling as anime. Anything by Nihei Tsutomu has great atmosphere, Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan has more feeling than most anime, and Rainbow has a good dose of both. Those are just a few examples.

Yeah, most anime studios butcher the source material with their "original" plots. I liked Ao no Exorcist more than the manga because of the pacing, until they went the filler route; at which point I had to force myself to watch it. I also thought FMA was great until I read the manga, which made me ask myself WTF i had watched.

anon293483213971d ago

It has nothing to do with, being manga or anime, it depends on who is developing it, and how it is written. I love both each has its style has its own way.