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[SeventhStyle] “Wait! So You’re Telling Me She’s Crazy!?” (Mirai Nikki Review)

Mirai Nikki’s 22nd spectacle has to be the single greatest in the series as it actually pertains to the main plot – showing a man live his desire to the end by overcoming yandere adversity for sake of his homosexuality.

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iChii3175d ago

Fuck this anime, Yukiteru killed ALL of his friends. What the fuck is that shit?

Simon_Brezhnev3175d ago

I gave up on this anime around 10 episodes. I cant deal with Yuki he is a pussy he is just like that coward Shu(Guilty Crown).

iChii3174d ago

Thank God you gave up on Episode 10. If you saw what he did later on, you'd personally murder the person who created this Anime.

Simon_Brezhnev3174d ago

Lol i read spoilers i think i stopped after he well his stalker killed that lil boy. I saw in the spoilers he had 2 kill his dead or something like that. That the ending him and that stalker was together in another parallel world.

iChii3174d ago

Its freakin' complicated. That coward killed His two female friends and his only male friend. the stalker kills the gay one. Then some twisted shit start to happen and the travel to another world then she tries to kill Yuki and blaa blaa. in the end they live happily ever after. but he STILL killed his friends, thats why I hate it so much.