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Top 5 Worst Anime Endings

Luke Halliday of Capsule Computer's goes through the Top 5 worst anime endings of all time. Follow the link to find out what they are.

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Simon_Brezhnev3974d ago

none of them are my top 5. I just know i didnt like Mawaru Penguindrum watch 12 episodes and still couldnt get into it.

2 many animes with bad endings so i'll just say Beserker probably pissed me off the most.

NewMonday3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

anybody see the Mazinger Hen ending? it should be on the list.

many Anime end with cliffhangers because they are based on on-going manga.

the Berserk ending is the reason i discovered Manga, they could have ended it better with just one more episode after the Skull rider rescues them and Gatts discovers the Demonslyer sword at the old smiths place, and end things with Gatts leaving Casca behind as he leaves in a search for vengeance .

Simon_Brezhnev3973d ago

I just hate how the 1st episode he was all grown up fighting. Next 25 episodes im like ok so we get another season and bam it ends. LOL.

Ranma13974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

ending is absolute worst

futurefrog3973d ago

Why is this being hidden by filter?

koga883973d ago

I think that Panty & Stocking's ending was pretty shitty as well. I know that the studio behind it meant it as a bit of a gag and left it open for a possible sequel but it was really off the wall. I'd have to agree with Highschool of the Dead, its ridiculous how they've just stopped entirely with it without continuing to the mall storyline.

Then that god awful OVA....


well by the time the anime finished so was the mall arc so they couln't work with it and the OVA was funny as hell at least it left it with a to be continued in the end

iChii3973d ago

Where's D. Gray-Man and Blue Exorcist?!

Simon_Brezhnev3973d ago

Blue Exorcist should go in a category where anime ruins manga. I stopped Watching it around episode 15 when they did all that bs and changed the whole story. D. Gray-man did it too what makes it bad they both only come out once a month with like only 35 pages. Nothing i hate more than a filler ending. I'm not sure if you watch Beezlebub but their doing the same filler ending this weekend.

iChii3973d ago

I feel ya bro. It pissed me off cause I watched all 103 D. Gray-Man episodes and they end it with so many loose ends. And f*ck Blue Exorcist. If they don't do a 'FMA: Brotherhood' new season, I'm never watching it again cept the Manga. And I started watching Beezlebub a few weeks ago, I'm still at episode 12 though.

Simon_Brezhnev3973d ago

Lol i dont even want a FMA: Brotherhood. I'm done with the anime period im sticking strictly to manga.

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