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Madman Australia Acquires ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ TV & ‘Rozen Maiden Overture’

In a case where you’re going to have a lot of Western anime fans stand up and shake their money at you, the folks at Madman Entertainment in Australia have announced that they’ve picked up the rights to release Cardcaptor Sakura TV in complete and uncut form, subtitled only. They’re intending to start the release of the collections this July and made note that they are indeed 100% uncut. The series was released in the US by Pioneer/Geneon Entertainment while working a TV broadcast deal that had a handful of episodes air, brutally changed, before the whole thing fell apart. They also were dealt a harsh blow during the release by being forced to release one early volume out of order as the Japanese licensor didn’t want the “controversial” episode involving children to be released in the market. As was learned at the time, this caused the sales of the series to drop hard as it either confused or annoyed fans so much they dropped the series entirely. The show has long been out of print and sought after by fans.

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