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Gintama TV Anime Draws to a Close

This year's 17th issue of Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump is reporting on Monday that the Gintama television anime series is drawing to a close on TV Tokyo after five years.

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iChii3717d ago

No way..Gintama can't end yet! </3 ):

Instigator3717d ago

I still haven't watched it, and I'm kinda glad it won't get 3-400 episodes before I get the chance. I do know a lot of people who love this show though, and feel a little bad for them.

Simon_Brezhnev3717d ago

WTH is up with all of Shonen Jump series ending this and next month.So far its Bleach, Beelzebub, and now Gintama.

gaffyh3717d ago

WTF, Beelzebub??? Where was that announcement?!?

Simon_Brezhnev3717d ago

Around same as Bleach. The bad thing about it is its getting a damn filler ending so say goodbye to season 2.

gaffyh3717d ago

Oh man, it was getting soo good too. Loved the comedy style of it, although have to admit that fillers would absolutely suck.

Baka-akaB3716d ago

thenagain Beelzebub shouldnt have an anie so early . I remember it being announced right in the middle of its second major story arc ...

Way too early