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fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep013: OccupyNISA, Clannad Bluray, and Rave Master!

In the most recent episode of the fightbait anime podcast, we talk about the Clannad Bluray and Rave Master. We have a discussion about women's rights in Japan and even discuss the controversial OccupyNISA movement. Media Blasters is dying and Discotek is rising. Is anime art? We talk about that a little bit too.

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koga883967d ago

While NIS America has had a few issues in the past, the majority of their releases are presented in decent quality and their premium editions usually are top notch.

Also it is worth noting that there is a very high chance that, besides maybe Tora Dora, none of the anime they licensed would have been picked up by any other company in North America.

Some people seem way too entitled and I don't see them complaining when Sentai Filmworks picks up multiple series and only release them with subtitles as well.

fightbait3966d ago

That's a great point. I'm just happy people are releasing anime at all.